Automatic Intelligent China Flute Lamination Machine (QTM1300)

Automatic Intelligent China Flute Lamination Machine (QTM1300)

High speed Automatic Flute Laminator Specifications: Features of the machine: Key Points High Speed: It can run 12000 sh
Basic Info.
Model NO. QTM1300
Bottom Paper Thickness Acbef 3&5 Ply
Face Paper Thickness 120-450GSM
Name Flute Laminator
Power Supply 3-380V
Total Power 18.2kw
Glue Saving Only 30g Per Square Meter
Min Sheet Size 500*440
Max. Sheet Size 1300*1300mm
High Speed 450mm Sheet Can Do 11000 Piece/Hour
Servo Control Within 0.75mm
Transport Package Steel Palte
Specification 1300*1300
Trademark Jiasun
Origin China
HS Code 84393000
Production Capacity 4 Sets/Month
Product Description
High speed Automatic Flute Laminator
  1. Specifications:
Model QTM1300 QTM1450QTM1650
Max. Sheet Size1300mmx1300mm1450mmx1450mm1650mmx1600mm
Min. Sheet Size500mmx440mm500mmx440mm500mmx440mm
Thickness of face Paper120~450gsm120~450gsm120~450gsm
Thickness of Bottom PaperABCEF 3&5 PlyABCEF 3&5 PlyABCEF 3&5 Ply
Max. Speed153 Meters/Min153Meters /Min153Meters/Min
Laminating Precision±0.75mm±0.75mm±0.75mm
Total Weight8700kg9500kg10500kg
Total Length10700 mm12000 mm13000 mm
Operation Space (mm)3000x13500 3100x13500 3000x13500
  1. Features of the machine:
    1. Key Points
      1. High Speed: It can run 12000 sheets per hours for sheet length 450mm.
      2. High Precision: At normal speed the precision can be controlled at ±1 mm with the yield 98%.
      3. Glue saving: It can be 16 grams of glue per square meter.
    2. General Introduction:
The QTM series High Speed Automatic Flute Laminator is suitable for the lamination of printed cardboard paper with 3 ply or 5 ply corrugated sheet which is mainly used in food, beverage boxes etc. The machine adopts chasing registration method with the help of imported low-voltage parts, liquid sensor and motion control system.
  1. Machine Structure:
Upper Feeding Part:Feed the paper of 120-450gsm. It can be thinner according to the size and quality of the paper Bottom Feeding Part:Feed different kinds of corrugated sheet between ABCEF 3&5 Ply.Conveyor:Press the laminated paper and convey to the paper delivery unit.Gluing Part:Coating glue on the bottom paper.
  1. Features by Parts:
    1. Upper Feeding Part:
      1. High speed feeder with 3 sucking suckers and 4 delivery suckers with the highest speed 12000 sheets per hour.
      2. Double sucking rubber and single rubber forwarding which can avoid effectively double paper.
      3. There are two side blowers as well. The position of the side blower can be adjusted to ensure the smooth feeding of paper.

  1. Top Paper Conveying Part:
The conveying of the face paper unit adopts scale feeding method,Compared with paper to paper conveying,the advantage is that the conveying speed of face paper can be reduced,ensuring the smooth feeding of the paper when running in high speed, without worrying of the scraping of the paper by side lays and when the paper is uneven, the paper front will press the paper back to make the ahead paper even.
  1. Lay for the Pre-loading Paper Pile Part
There also has paper pile lay at paper piling part which makes the paper piling easily. It is equipped with rough adjusting wheel and fine adjustment bar.
  1. Side Lays of top paper to ensure the precision at side-way
There is a side lay device-puller on machine operation side for better guarantee the face paper side-way precision. There have 4 face paper sensors and 4 bottom paper sensors detecting the paper front edge positions, and two servo motors correct the laminating movement real-timely. Lays For bottom sheetThe adjustment of corrugated board includes side board adjustment front lay adjustment and paper frame adjustment.Side board and front lay can be adjust by manual and lock button based on paper size.
  1. When order is changed, the operator can do the order change easily by turning these wheels which makes the operation easy and fast. It also can control with hand wheel or the model of corrugated board
  2. Automatic Glue Supply System: The machine adopts imported liquid level controller for glue supply. When detecting no glue in the glue barrel, it can stop the feeder automatically to avoid waste of paper. The unique anilox roller makes glue even and saving. Compared with traditional anilox roller, it can save 5 gram glue per square meter.

  1. Motion Control System: This machine adopts perfect combination of motion control system and servo system for better lamination precision. It only needs data input.
  2. The advantage of adopting motion control system is to keep face paper and bottom paper with good lamination precision.
  1. Watering Roller: It can not only wash the dirt out of the bottom paper back, but also can pasting water on the bottom paper to make it soft and even to facilitate the lamination.
  1. Timing belt Transmission: Machine adopts timing belt transmission with stable running high precision and low noise.

  • Front Lead Feeding Device: The bottom paper section adopts accurate vacuum feeding with big volume fan for better conveyor of curve paper. It is much better and convenient for five layer board stick. The servo motor control the red feeding wheel which makes the bottom paper run smoothly and accurately

  1. The special parameters on the touch screen can be adjusted according to the paper type, for example, the distance of feeder lifting
  2. It is convenient when adjust the position of face paper and bottom paper. If you want to the face paper exceed the bottom paper 3mm, enter 3 on the screen. The data can not be changed when the machine speed is changing, the max data can be 30-40.,it can satisfy the demand of some special user.
  1. Configurations:
Servo motor and controllerJAPAN YASKAWA
Frequency transformerJAPAN MITSUBISHI E740
Photoelectric switchSWITZERLAND BANMER
Glue liquid controlJAPAN OMRAN
The key bearingJAPAN NSK
Air PumpTai Wan Brand EUROVAC Rotary Vane Pump
  1. Attached Tools
L type hexagonal SpammerOne set
T type hexagonal Spammer 5,6mmEach of 1 branch
Monkey Wrench 2″1PC
Plus Screwdriver1PC
Minus Screwdriver 1PC
Plum wrench openings10,12,13,14,17,19 (each1 PC)
Sharp-nose pliers 6″1PC
Slip joint pliers 8″1PC
Shaft retaining ring clip S1PC
Hole clasp clip R1PC
TOP Tape measure 3.6M1PC
Aluminum Ladder1PC
Tools Box1PC
Operation Manual1PC
Glue Barrel1PC

  1. Attached Spare Parts:
Sucker Rubber Ring30PC
Paper Delivery plate1PC
Pre-piling paper trolley1PC
Pallet (Wide)4PC
Pallet( narrow) 4PC
Switzerland BANMER photoelectric switch1 PC
Tai Wan Yangming proximity switch1PC
08B Chain Clip3PC
12A Chain Clip3PC
08B chain transition section3PC
12A chain transition section3PC