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UFlex introduces new products driven by innovation and sustainability in Q1 FY24

Jun 01, 2023Jun 01, 2023

August 16, 2023 by Asia Food Journal

Courtesy of UFlex

The research and development and business teams at UFlex Limited continued the momentum of progressive and path-breaking innovations across business verticals in Q1 FY24. The focus on continuous innovation and development has enabled the company to win several awards and patents in the quarter ended June 30, 2023.

High Barrier Alox (F-PSX) Film: F-PSX is a high-barrier transparent BOPET film. The film has a protective printable layer atop a high barrier vacuum deposit on one side and primer coated or untreated on the other side. The critical attributes of F-PSX include excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties, higher yield over PVDC coated films, PVDC/EVOH (PE) coated film replacement, environmentally friendly, high clarity, and product visibility.

The superior high-barrier application and striking packaging make the film the go-to option for packaging items like dried meat snacks, confectionaries, and other microwavable food items. It is also suitable for hot fill, sterilization, pasteurization, report applications (125 degrees C/45 min), and other industrial packaging.

Dhoop-Chaav, is a cutting-edge, multicolour petrol effect design film developed by UFlex Holography. Designed for decorative applications, this film is specially designed for sequins application in textiles. It imbibes a unique effect where, unlike the typical imported iridescent rainbow films, the Dhoop-Chaav film stands out with its distinctive effect, showcasing a visual appeal that’s both captivating and unparalleled. With this new Dhoop-Chhav film, the business is offering an elevated alternative that will replace imported shimmery rainbow film and take textile designs to greater heights.

Rotary Horizontal High-Speed Form Fill and Seal Machine with Gripper: Over the last decade, the flexible packaging industry has grown to astonishing heights. Among the increasing competition, manufacturers must practice continual innovation and development to stay ahead of the curve. There is a constant need for businesses to evolve to adapt to the needs of customers around the globe. A revolutionary new design of a Rotary Horizontal High-Speed Form Fill and Seal machine with a gripper by UFlex Engineering enables output pouches to be held into the grippers to make them free from career belts. This ensures the quality of the pouch and controls leaks.

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