Second Hand Cheap Price Pet Bottle Carton Drop Carton Wrap Around Pack Machine

Second Hand Cheap Price Pet Bottle Carton Drop Carton Wrap Around Pack Machine

Product description Automatic bottle Carton Case drop Packaging Machine in Packaging Line 1.Facility basic summary and r
Basic Info.
Model NO. 15P
Contain Machine Carton Opener/Erector/Carton Loading Machine
Guarantee One Year
Delivery Time 30-60day
After Sale Service Engineer Go Install, Train Buyer Use, Maintain
Contain Machine 2 Carton Sealing Machine, Conveyor Connect System
Capacity 15carton/Minute
Carton Seal Type Tape Type
Required Product Bottle, Can, Milk, Beer, Water Juice Bottle
Certificate ISO SGS Ce
Required Carton Carton Fold Load Sealer
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification TG-XB15
Trademark TANGO
Origin Zhangjiagang
HS Code 8422303090
Production Capacity 200set/Year
Product Description
Product description
Automatic bottle Carton Case drop Packaging Machine in Packaging Line

1.Facility basic summary and requirement

The machine adopt to servo location, PLC controlling, auto operation, main drive adopt to import motor drive, multi degree rotation via chain, chain wheel speed regulator ect. It auto degree is high, reliable controlling, easy to adjust, intelligentize manipulation ect advantage, can widely used for beverage, beer, chemistry, food, medicine ect industry, can do all kind of tin and bottle second time package, can match with auto filling production line.Workshop layout: basic machine connect with conveyor. inside layout conveyor we match for client.Carton Unpacker
Carton sizeL260-535* W260-420*H130-330
Speed Max 12 carton/min(according to the carton size
Power supply220V;50Hz
Table heighMin 600mm; Max 720mm
Tape width45~72mm
Parameter:(1).Imported components , electric and pneumatic parts.(2).Vertical cardboad maganize, add cardboards whenever necessary without stopping the machine .(3).Manually adjust for different cartons within allowable range , just takes 1~2 minutes.(4).Reasonable design , vacuum cup suck the cardboard , fold and seal the bottom .(5).Small space occupation,precision and durable parts provide the gurantee for stable running , long life , and high efficiency.(6). with protection device for cutter installation to avoid being hurt.(7). Easy operation ,machine can be used individually and combined with the packaging line.

Carton load machine

1. basic character:

  1. Adopt to spray paint steel and lexan® plastic making safe protection cover, accord with CE criterion.
  2. Machine part adopt tp stainless steel, chroming, anti-al making.
  3. Main drive adopt to regulator reductor,limit speed adjust, auto failure adjust function.
  4. Bottle entry conveyor via low corrasion ratio chain board, continue bottle entry, separate tunnel guide.
  5. Used for auto speed adjust production site and full line bottle entry inspection.
  6. Bottle entry bottle fall down, bottle lack inspection, lack carton alarm.
  7. Main electricity cabinet on machine.
  8. Schneider low voltage controlling system
  9. Airtac pnuematic component

2. TG-ZX15 Carton load machine technical describle

  1. Power supply:380V(± 10%max)50Hz 3PH+PE.
  2. If not 380V voltage, can supply an auto transformer
  3. Controlling voltage: 24V DC. Schneider low pressure controlling system.
  4. As IEC 529 criterion, electricity cabinet guard degree IP54
  5. Insulation anti-fire cable, paint spray color as DESINA criterion.
  6. Total switch: country famous brand.
  7. Panel touch screen Ø30mm:Schneider
  8. Approach switch:Korea
  9. With connector photocell pipe IP76,Dia 18D
  10. Relay connector accord with Din50-022-35 criterion.
  11. Quick connector accord with Din50-022-35 criterion.
  12. Contactor relay adopt to France Schneider TE/ABB
13) Machine cable set multi failure protection and pre-alarm device. All failure alarm details all display on touch screen, indicator need resolve problem and main solution. Main move fracture set electro inspection, machine move failure set system auto revise system, part can adopt to manual manipulation button, system auto inspect and rectify.

3. carton load machine technical date:

Total machine size(L/W/H)4500/800/2050(mm)
total power2KW
Main electricity powerAC3-380V/50HZ+G+E
Max working temperature-10ºC~40ºC
Assitant power supply24VDC
Compressor air pressure0.4~0.6Mpa
compressor air consumption 1500L/Min
Weight 1000KG

4,Power supply/voltage:

Item indicator
Voltage 380V
phase three-phase, 5line
Control voltage24V(DC)

5,Production line matching facility range and production capacity matching:

No Name quantityCapacity Remark
1TG-XB15 Carton loading machine1≥15PPH

6,Main indicator

Inspection indicator
No Item indicatorremark
1Production line inspection efficiency ≥95 %
2Single machine efficiency≥99%

7, Production line main indicator

No Name Main indicator
1WD-XB15 carton loading machine package pecent pass:≥99.5% Carton breakage ratio:≤0.1%

8,carton machine main fracture character,character description.

Fracture name character describle
Conveyor partConveyor Via low corrasion hot plastic chain combine, continue entry bottle, divider tunel guide
inspection bottle entry bottle fall and lack bottle testing
carton load part bottle separate devicePenumatic bottle divider
bottle dropping devicepneumatic bottle dropping
carton sending system use induction motor drive the chain box

9,carton requirement:

  1. Carton size requirement: 250mm≤Lmax≤450mm 200mm≤Wmax≤350mm;
  2. Material requirement: as country criterion GB/T 6544-2008

10,carton loading machine main accessory spare parts

No Name Model quantityunitremark
Usage manual 1set
Tool 1set
net chain wheel 2 pcs
Plat net chain Y100 3811.5 m

11,carton load machine-criterion paint spray

  1. Machine frame via 2.5 SAZ degree sand spray treatment, accord with SIS criterion, and via resolution ,remove oil.
  2. Frame: gray can choose
  3. Slide door : yellow ,can choose
  4. Electricity cabinet spray: SUS304.

12.carton load working requirement

Product as steadily speed enter into machine,process conveypr speed can regulate, avoid product over pushAt carton exit, package product need carefully timely move, keep package process normal

Carton formal machine -sealing

Main function: auto separate carton, auto carton form, auto fold carton cover, auto carton sealing ect function. Main character as follow:1,pwer supply:220V/50Hz/600W;
  1. Carton open speed:10-15carton/m;
  2. Max carton specification:L410*W275*H230(mm);
  3. Carton sealing glue size:width 48~60mm ;
  4. Air source:4.6kg~6.5kg,inlet pipe φ10;
  5. Carton saving groove one time at least can put 50 uni-form carton, can timly add carton.
  6. Electricity collocation: Siemens plc controller,tex operation mode, schneider contactor, festo and airtac pneumatic component.
  7. non glue and non carton alarm function
  8. carton open type: vetical formal, exit height 600mm, carton form, then mouth top.
  9. Machine size:L2000*W1995*H1460mm;
  10. Color: white
  11. Carton open direction :right to left direction exit

in addition :

  1. Carton transport roller adopt to SUS304 stainless steel and anti-corrasion nylon making.
  2. Carton transport side board adopt to 3mm sus304 stainless steel.
Electrical Parts Standard After sale service:1. one year guarantee.2. need client supply workshop space, carton and bottle can to test machine before delivery3. for conveyor system, inside have some conconveyor, can add conveyor as client and wrokshop required. in addition conveyor need client pay.