Automatic Phone Case Perfume Paper Hard Jewelry Gift Box Forming Machine Rigid Box Making Machine for Paper Box Making

Automatic Phone Case Perfume Paper Hard Jewelry Gift Box Forming Machine Rigid Box Making Machine for Paper Box Making

Overview Product Description Rigid Box Making Machine for Gift Box Production (RB6040/RB6040A)Integrally mechanical desi
Basic Info.
Model NO. RB6040
Automatic Grade Automatic
Precision ±0.2mm
Speed ≤35PCS/Min
Box Size[Wxl] Min.45X45mm Max. 160X240mm
Paper Size[Axb] Min.80X110mm Max. 305*450mm
Paper Thickness 80-300G/M2
Electric Heating Power 7kw
Motor Power 8kw/380V 3phase
Air Supply 20L/Min 0.6MPa
Machine Weight 4000
Transport Package Wooden Pallets/Cases
Specification L4300*W3900*H2600mm
Trademark zhengrun
Origin China Zhejiang
HS Code 8477780000
Production Capacity 100sets/Year
Product Description

Product Description

Rigid Box Making Machine for Gift Box Production (RB6040/RB6040A)Integrally mechanical design,reliable and stable.European technology,Chinese manufacture,perfect combined.Well-accepted,quality-trustworthy.Power save/High speed/Stability/Professional.Automatic Rigid Box Maker is a good equipment for making high-grade covered boxes for its fine design, reliable performances and advanced technologies. It employs PLC, photoelectric detector system, hydraulic pneumatic system, touch screen man-machine interface to automatically finish feeding and gluing paper, conveying cardboard, forming and gluing four angles of cardboard, positioning-sticking and forming box in one time. It is applicable to make high-grade boxes for shoes, shirts, jewelry, gifts, phone, perfume, etc.
Features:(1) Automatic delivery unit for paper feeder.(2) Automatic circulation, mixing and gluing system for hot-melting gel. (Optional device: glue viscosity meter)(3) Hot-melting adhesives paper-gluing automatic conveying, slitter, and finish pasting the inner cardboard box's four angles in one process.(4) The vacuum suction fan under the conveyer belt can keep the glued paper from deviating.(5) The glued paper and cardboard inner box employ hydraulic pneumatic rectifying device to spot correctly. The spotting error is ±0. 3mm.(6) The box-forming unit can automatically collect boxes and deliver them to the forming unit according to the boxes conveyed on the conveyer belt.(7) The box-forming unit can continually delivery boxes, wrap sides, fold ears and paper sides and form in one process.(8) The whole machine employs PLC, photoelectric detector system and touch screen man-machine interface to automatically form boxes in one process.(9) It can automatically diagnose the troubles and alarm accordingly.

Detailed Photos

Product advantages1.Long ear folding device(optional)It can fold the ear size 1/2 width and 1 width of box(width≤100mm).2.Mechanical post-sucked type paper feederAdopt on-line mechanical type paper feeder with simple structure and steady running.3.All icons control panelFriendly-designed all icons control panel,easy to understand and operate.4.Hydraulic rectifying positioning deviceAdopt imported hydraulic rectifying system and Omron photoelectric device for positioning,which efficiently improves the precision.5.Auto pasting box four anglesAdopt environment-friendly tape to paste the box angles,which can paste four angles in one process with neat appearance.6.Quality disc camAdopt durable 38CrMoAI alloy steel disc cams.

Product Parameters

Box Size[WxL]Min.50×100mm Max.400×6OOmmMin.50×100mm Max. 4O0×600mm
Paper Size[AxB]Min.95×180mm Max.610×850mmMin.95×180mm Max.610×850mm
Box Height[H]12-150mm12-150mm
Turn ln Depth[R]10-35mm10-60mm
Cardboard Thickness[T]0.8-3mm0.8-3mm
Paper Thickness100-400g/m2100-400g/m2
Motor Power10kw/380v 3phase10kw/380v 3phase
Electric Heating Power11kw11kw
Air Supply10L/min 0.6Mpa10L/min 0.6Mpa
Machine DimensionL6600×W4100×H3250 mmL6600×W4100×H3250 mm
Machine weight6800kg6800kg
Paper Wrap Type11/2/3

Company Profile

Zhejiang Zhengrun Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is the first domestic brand to start the business of packaging equipment. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D, design, production and sales of the case maker and rigid box machinery. It is rated as a National High-Tech Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Provincial enterprise R&D center, Wenzhou Civilized Unit, Pingyang County New Age Civilization Practice Enterprise Culture Demonstration Base.The company has the modern standard factory buildings covering 66,000m2, as well as a highly professional R&D and production team and the world's leading super-large production and processing center. Zhengrun's packaging equipment can be applied to the rigid box packaging of many brands in multiple fields, such as electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, wine, garment and shoes, moon cake and tea, desk calendars, notebooks. The company has the right to import and export, and has gained the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system with all products gained the European CE. The products and services now cover more than 80 countries and regions. Since its inception, the company always adheres to the business development concept of considering that "Quality builds Zhengrun brand". The company passes on the artisan spirit, pursues higher quality and aims to establish a stronger brand, so as to become the world's representative "Made in China" brand in printing and packaging industry.


Pre-sales issues


01. How to get in touch with us?

NO.23,East Section Of Pinghai Avenue,Binhai New Area, Pingyang,Zhejiang Provinec,China
02. How to answer technical guidance?
For some customers who need non-standard equipment, we will communicate with the company's relevant technical personnel according to the customer's specific requirements, taking into account the technical feasibility and production costs, and give customers solutions.

03. How to recommend products?

We have nearly 14 products . We can also provide non-standard equipment production and new product development services according to customer requirements. According to the customer's requirement to be produced, the purpose of the product to be purchased, the environment, the purchase volume and other related conditions, we will recommend several cost-effective products for the customer to choose.
04. How to make a quotation?
Based on our company's research and development costs, production costs and customer purchases, we conduct calculations to determine the price of the product.
Problems in sale_____
01. About payment
After signing the contract, 30% of the total payment will be paid in advance, and the factory will accept the payment and pay the full amount of the machine for delivery.
02. About delivery time
About 30-45 working days after receiving the deposit (non-standard machine), the factory will re-decide whether to change the delivery date when the order is confirmed. The standard machine is generally within 30 working days after receiving the deposit.
03. Order tracking
After the customer places an order, our company will send professional personnel to track the order and regularly report the production progress to the customer. Customers can check the order status on the official website (delivery query).
04. Product testing
During the production process, our company will adopt strict inspection process to ensure product quality. Through internal inspection, we ensure that the components produced by our company meet the technical requirements; through external inspection, we ensure that the components produced by our company are not subject to quality problems; and then pass the whole machine inspection to ensure that the mechanical equipment meets the technical production requirements .
05. Product packaging
Before the product is shipped, it will be packed in a strict vacuum plus bottom tray (wooden tray or steel tray)
06. Product Transportation
Products are generally shipped from Ningbo Port, China to the destination port by sea
after sales question_____
01. Shelf life/warranty period of the product
The product warranty period is generally one year, and our company provides lifetime maintenance services. If the machine has quality problems, our company will help the customer to solve it through the following ways: a. Send spare parts to the customer. b. Remotely assist customers in maintenance. c. Notify our agent company to send personnel to the customer's factory for maintenance. d. Our company directly dispatches relevant personnel to the customer's factory for maintenance.
02. About transportation damage
In the process of product transportation, if product damage occurs, it is determined that our product packaging and reinforcement work is not in place, and our company will bear the corresponding losses.
03. About machine maintenance
We will contact customers on a regular basis on how to maintain and maintain the machine. For domestic customers, we will have a master to provide on-site service.
04. Problems during use
If there is any problem in the process of using the product, the customer can directly call or send an email to our after-sales department (24-hour hotline). The personnel of our department will respond immediately and make a decision on the response measures within 24 hours.