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Jim Jordan Goes 'Blank' During Fox News Interview

Aug 18, 2023Aug 18, 2023

House Republican Jim Jordan stumbled over his words and admitted he "drew a blank" during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday, leading one commentator to ask how the network would have responded if President Joe Biden had behaved in the same manner.

Jordan was discussing the appearance of FBI Director Christopher Wray before the House Judiciary Committee earlier on Wednesday.

With polling giving Biden a commanding lead over the fringe candidates who are challenging him for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, Republican critics have been zeroing in on the president's age, questioning whether he is fit for another term in office. During an interview with Newsweek Larry Elder, who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, said Biden "clearly has lost it" and doesn't have the "fitness" to serve a second term.

Asked to comment on Wray's claim that the FBI doesn't "moderate content," Jordan got lost with his reply, commenting: "That's exactly what happened with uh, with the decision, the the uh, when it came to the uh the decision with um, Mr. ur, I drew a blank there Sean I apologize, I got a huge echo in my ear and I can't even hear.

Hannity intervened stating "sorry about that, go ahead—pick up" after which Jordan added: "But that's exactly what happened. They uh, they pre-bunk this story and Facebook specifically asked the FBI is the Hunter Biden story Russian misinformation."

The exchange was shared on Twitter by Aaron Rupar, an independent journalist, who wrote: "If Joe Biden did this during a live interview Fox would spent nights yelling about how he's in cognitive decline."

if Joe Biden did this during a live interview Fox would spent nights yelling about how he's in cognitive decline

Newsweek has contacted Jordan's Washington D.C. office for comment via telephone and answering machine message.

During Wray's House Judiciary Committee Jordan accused the FBI director of presiding over a "double standard that exists now in our justice system," with the "weaponization of the government against the American people."

Wray hit back, with the Donald Trump appointee branding the notion he is "biased against conservatives" as "somewhat insane."

The FBI director also clashed with Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, who asked: "People trusted the FBI more when J. Edgar Hoover was running the place than when you are, and the reason is because you don't give straight answers."

In response Wray commented: "Respectfully congressman, in your home state of Florida, the number of people applying to come work for us and devote their lives working for us is over up over 100 percent."

Gaetz countered: "We're deeply proud of them, and they deserve better than you."

However Wray was praised during the hearing by GOP Representative Ken Buck, who said: "I want to thank you and the FBI for protecting law-abiding Americans from the evil that exists all around us."

Buck also commented: "According to Wikipedia, you are still a registered Republican, and I hope you don't change your party affiliation after this hearing is over."