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May 30, 2023May 30, 2023

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Tymi Machinery Industrial Co Ltd specialises in paper converting machinery and is a leading global-player in the sector. The Taiwan-based company manufactures world-class paper converting machinery, sells materials and offers coating and maintenance services.

The world-class paper converting machinery of Tymi Machinery Industrial includes high-speed UV spot coating machine (USTAR-102), UV spot coating machine (USTAR-36), OPP laminating machine (for water and solvent-base) (OCTANS-126ws), flute laminating machine (LODESTAR-145) and automatic flexo printer slotter (PLANET-260) under the new-generation brand name, Tymi Machinery.

Strengthened by over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of paper converting machinery, Tymi Machinery offers a gamut of paper converting machinery at global quality standards. Tymi Machinery also provides maintenance and other services for paper converting machinery to its customers and OEMs.

Tymi Machinery offers its latest UV spot coating machine, model USTAR-102, with a maximum coating speed of 8,800 sheets per hour. The new UV spot coating machine is engineered to meet the specific requirements of users.

The fast rotation of the coating plate fits in with both wide and narrow coating plates. Gripper delivery is suitable for thick and thin paper coating. The USTAR-102 UV spot coating machine’s multi-function, off-line coating design is more efficient than in-line coating systems.

The Tymi USTAR-36 spot UV coating machine system replaces the traditional silk-screen printing method for spot UV coating. The new UV spot coating machine enhances production speed and adopts a less expensive UV resin for lower cost.

Tymi’s new OPP laminating machine, OCTANS-126ws, is the latest product in the paper converting machinery section. The OPP laminating machine is designed for water-base, solvent-base and pre-coated film usages.

The new OPP laminating machine integrates the latest technologies, offering high-speed lamination of 45m/min and low electricity consumption.

The LODESTAR flute laminating and mounting machine is specially designed for flute packaging. The flute laminating machine offers value-added packaging services, which are suitable for products at point-of-purchase and display mounting.

The flute laminating machine offers the flexibility of offset printing to enable the laminating and mounting of the printed sheet to corrugated or solid fibreboard to produce eye catching graphics. The flute laminating machine also provides a strong and sturdy product material.

Tymi Machinery’s Flexo Printer Slotter (PLANET-260) produced under its PLANET series is ideal for modern corrugated board conversion. The automatic flex printer slotter is specially designed for several requirements of corrugated board converting.

The PLANET-260, the new automatic flexo printer slotter, combines robust construction with operator-friendly features. The newly incorporated facilities make this flexo printer slotter an ideal choice for the industry.

The new automatic flexo printer slotter comes with digital control with motorized movement. The automatic flexo printer slotter made by Tymi Machinery ensures excellent printing quality.

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Tymi Machinery specialises in paper converting machinery.

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Laser pattern transfer printing print the transparent and bright laser patterns Wine box, cosmetic box, cigarette package, new technology of colour box printing.

The LODESTAR series of laminating and mounting machines is specially designed for flute packaging, point of purchase, and display mounting.