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Target Christmas gift wrapping supplies: bags, tape and more

Oct 05, 2023Oct 05, 2023

It's the most wonderful time of the year! But when it comes to gift-giving, it can also get to be a little stressful. Once you've found the perfect presents for everyone on your list, having to wrap each and every one of them can be a tedious process (not to mention, one that we're probably guilty of leaving until the last minute).

For the next installment of our Shop This List TODAY series, we've curated the ultimate gift wrapping supply list in order to make this year's process a seamless one. Whether you plan on starting as early as possible or will be wrapping them as you go, we've got you covered with everything from a genius gift wrap cutter to a smart way to disguise oversized and oddly-shaped gifts.

Keep reading to shop the top six must-haves on our list, plus even more finds you'll want to have on hand as you navigate the season of giving.

Trying to cut and trim gift wrap can be a painstaking process. Skip the dull pair of scissors you've been using for years and upgrade to this paper slicing tool, instead. It's designed to give you a clean cut every time (while also keeping your fingers out of harm's way). All you'll need to do is slip it over one end of the roll and slice. Outside of the holiday season, the brand says it can also be used to cut craft paper and vinyl.

While the present itself is sure to impress them, presentation is also key when it comes to gift giving. This $10 gifting supply set is checking all of the boxes when it comes to aesthetics, plus we love that the silver and white color palette isn't just dedicated to one holiday. The 18-piece pack includes everything you'll need to dress up your gifts, from tags to bows. Plus, the four rolls of gift wrap make for a combined total of 80 square-feet worth of paper, which is enough for multiple presents, depending on their size.

If you're giving away gift cards this year — even if they're a last-minute option — you can still make them look just as good as any other present! This set of four gift card holders comes in an assortment of designs and shapes to wish the recipient a happy holiday. Plus, once you grab the set, you'll have enough on hand to gift to three other people (and hopefully save yourself from having to run out to the store to grab more).

From stuffed animals to basketballs, there are a number of presents that tend to either be too large or awkwardly sized to wrap. When regular gift bags and boxes won't work, we found the perfect solution. This festive sack is more than two-feet tall and over 1.5-feet wide, so it is large enough to hold an oversized gift or a bunch of small presents that you might not want to wrap individually. Top it with a bow and consider it done!

Want to make a basic envelope or even a gift feel just a little more festive? Here's the perfect fix: washi tape. It can be used on everything from wrapping paper to envelopes and even on home decor if you need to dress something up a little bit. If you're going the DIY route when it comes to presents, you can also use it to decorate plain boxes or bags if you aren't able to find holiday themed ones.

Once you've wrapped every present and tied every bow, it will be time to put all of your supplies away until the following year. Rather than tossing it all into the same box and leaving yourself with a jumbled pile to sort through next year, this box makes for a smarter storage option. It features an internal divider that makes for two separate compartments: one to store ribbons and bows, and another for miscellaneous items. The lid itself also functions as an organizer tray, which can be used to hold scissors, tape and other tools.

If you want to make this time of year less stressful, grab all of your holiday cards at once. This set of 32 includes one thank you card, 13 blank holiday-themed cards, 10 Christmas-themed cards and eight holiday cards that you can give to everyone from Mom to the mail delivery worker.

Skip the boring colored ribbon this year! We're loving the themed feel of this end ribbon set, which features six rolls in assorted patterns and textures. Whether you want to jazz up your wrapped gifts or make floral arrangements feel all the more festive, this ribbon will come in handy in a number of ways.

If you don't want to continuously cut tape to seal up your presents, this set of glue tape might be worth trying. Since they're designed with applicator tips, you can expect a precise and clean application, according to the brand. Plus, they're double-sided and photo-safe.

Some awkwardly shaped gifts, such as clothing, need to be placed in boxes before they're wrapped. To avoid any last-minute mishaps, this set of five might be worth having on-hand. It includes two blouse boxes, one robe box, one shirt box and one China box.

Sending guests home with sweet treats? These paper bags come in two different patterns and are the perfect size for assorted candies or small toys.

Instead of using a pen, try these metallic markers to sign gift tags and cards. Thanks to their metallic finishes, they're sure to stand out.

Whether you need filler for gift boxes or want to conceal a gift inside of a gift bag, you'll probably need tissue paper in order to do it. This pack from American Greetings includes 40 sheets of red, white and dark green paper that can elevate any gift.

These cute tags also happen to come in a storage bucket that is just as adorable! Inside, you'll find seven different gift tag designs, including snowflakes, reindeer, trees and much more.

Jillian Ortiz is a Production Associate at Shop TODAY.