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May 25, 2023May 25, 2023

Replacing foam tape or hot melt for the assembly of POP displays, Glue Dots’ p-s adhesive increases output from 192 to 450 pieces/hr.

At its booth at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Glue Dots International demonstrated how its versatile pressure-sensitive adhesive patterns can be used as an alternative to double-sided foam tape or hot melt for point-of-purchase (POP) display assembly. Noted the company, p-s adhesive patterns reduce labor while increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits.

“Across a wide variety of industries, the range of uses for Glue Dots’ preformed pressure sensitive adhesive patterns is virtually limitless,” shared Ron Ream, National Sales Manager for Glue Dots International – Industrial Division. “Each year, we like to invite visitors to our booth to educate them about new, highly effective applications for our adhesives.”

Recommended for co-packers, Consumer Packaged Goods companies, and third-party logistics personnel assembling POP displays, Glue Dots’ range of handheld applicators include the Dot Shot® Pro and Quik Dot® Pro with 8100 adhesive patterns. Advised Glue Dots, the applicators are simple and easy to load, durable enough to withstand any work environment, and require virtually no training.

Compared with manual application of double-sided foam tape—a process widely used in the assembly of POP displays—the p-s adhesives can be instantly applied by simply pressing and pulling the applicator. Noted the company, the applicator allows operators to apply adhesive nearly 2.5-times faster by eliminating process steps. For example, on an 8.5 x 11-in. corrugated sheet, placing a 1-in.-square piece of foam tape at each corner takes an average of 19 sec, with a throughput of 192 pieces/hr. When following the same process with Glue Dots and an applicator, the time is reduced by 11 sec/corrugated sheet, increasing throughput to 450 pieces/hr.

The handheld device also eliminates liner litter and potential slip hazards, as the spent liner is wound on a take-up reel, which stays inside the applicator. And, the need to inventory multiple tape sizes is eliminated, since there are no length limitations.