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Hailey Bieber's Serpent Nails Prove Mismatched Manicures Aren't Going Anywhere

Aug 01, 2023Aug 01, 2023

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Hailey Bieber is a trend-making machine. She single-handedly made glazed nails a thing, kickstarted 2023 as the year of the bob, and her viral strawberry makeup look spawned thousands of recreations. While last year she was all about subtle chrome nails, Bieber started this summer with a gorgeous mismatched manicure and has been wearing iterations of it ever since, like her most recent "serpent" nails.

On August 26, Bieber posted a series of photos from her trip to Mexico with friends Kendall Jenner, Lori Harvey, and Justine Skye. In the first few photos, Bieber wears a blue two-piece bikini that features white straps, a blue hat with yellow flowers, Gucci sunglasses, gold hoops, and a diamond-encrusted “B” pendant. Later in the carousel, she kept with the same jewelry but switched into the Jaded London Thalia Towelling Crop Top ($63) and matching Talia Towelling Micro Shorts ($48).

Her nails were also consistent throughout the trip, and they featured a gorgeous colorful "serpent" design. Her nails were mismatched, and her ring and pointer nails each featured a pale pink base with colorful daisies throughout.

As for the rest of her manicure, Bieber wore various snakeskin designs on each of her nails. Staring from her right thumb, she wore a lime green base with dark green “scales,” a pale base with blue scales and a chrome French tip, a deep red base with gold scales, and a red base with a cream design. Starting from her left thumb, Bieber wore a yellow base with pink scales, a grey base with green scales and a chrome French tip, a purple base with pink scales, and a red base with cream scales.


Bieber kicked the summer off with a blobby tie-dye mani and has worn a few mismatched designs ever since. Other celebs hopped onto the trend this summer, too, with Keke Palmer wearing a gorgeous mismatched French manicure and Emily Ratajkowski coining the term “serpent nails” for her red and black snake skin manicure. After over a year of favoring soft, milky manicures, we’re excited to see the fall season rev up with funky designs and mismatched manicures.

And the best part about Bieber’s nails? With the right tools, this manicure is relatively easy to create at home. First, apply different gel nail polish colors to each nail plate to create a mismatched base for your manicure. After that has cured, apply a layer of Le Manoir Gelcare’s Artistic Gel ($20) that “blooms” gel polish into a snakeskin design. Before curing this layer, apply drops of gel nail polish to each nail to create a scaley design, and then cure the manicure. Use a dotting tool to apply daisy designs to your garden nails, and then finish off a few of the nails with a metallic French tip design.

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