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30 Unique Gifts for People Who Have Everything in 2023

Aug 26, 2023Aug 26, 2023

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There are a lot of very hard things that come with adulting: paying bills, feeding yourself, managing finances, and keeping up with laundry. But gift shopping for a person who literally has everything? Don't get me started. I'm talkin' the person who always has the latest tech gadgets and trendiest clothes. And they're more than likely that individual in your life who, without fail, has alllllll the buzzy TikTok-viral items. I know, you know exactly who comes to mind! So, what do you get them for when it's, say, their birthday? Or the holiday season? Or any sort of gift-giving occasion? You're probably drawing a blank (fair), but I've got 30 brilliant gift ideas that'll leave them absolutely wowed.

When it comes to buying gifts for people who have everything, the secret sauce is being as thoughtful as you can be. Keep in mind that even the simplest gifts could really touch them. No need to splurge on a lavish item for something meaningful. If they love drinking matcha, an at-home matcha kit. If they're always hosting people, a fun card game. Or if you literally have zero clue what to get them, you can't go wrong with a good-luck money tree or a neck massager. You'll be surprised at how creative and clever you can get!

Whether you're gift shopping for your mom, sibling, S.O., bestie, or coworker whose hobby is adding to cart, there's something in this list that they don't have (or that they do have but could use an upgrade—aka a new cozy robe). Keep on scrolling to find The Perfect Gift you thought didn't exist because I promise it's in here!

When in doubt, go the cozy route! And, I mean, you can’t ever go wrong with cute slippers.

For the jet setter, a chic faux leather passport case with their initials monogrammed on it.

Heres an ergonomic massager they can use on their neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, legs, feet, and arms. The eight kneading massage nodes and heating feature allow them to customize their massage depending on how light or strong they want it to be. Plus, it’s very travel-friendly, so they can literally bring it with them wherever!

A regular flower vase < A flower vase shaped like a handbag.

Journals can be overwhelming, but this guided one has specific prompts on every page paired with powerful quotes so that they can express their thoughts and ideas without feeling lost or stressed.

Anything that will make their sleep even more enjoyable is always a good idea. If they don’t have one yet, consider getting them a weighted blanket. It’s helps reduce anxiety and improves sleep quality.. Personally, I love it because it feels like I’m perfectly swaddled, lol.

Even if they really do have everything, they will never have enough comfy leggings. (Especially ones from lululemon.)

The more personalized the gift is, the more meaningful it’ll be. A candle crafted based on their birth date and astrological signs checks those boxes.

Whether they consider themselves a wiz in the kitchen or they’re a novice, this do-it-all pan will be a game-changer for them. It can grill, sear, braise, fry, sauté, roast, bake, broil, stew, and serve. Plus, it’s a cast iron that doesn’t require seasoning prep! Aka no more annoying upkeep.

The perfect everyday pick-me-up: An affirmation card promoting self-love, self-care, and mindfulness. It's one of the best gifts you can give them!

Safety first! For the times they’re ever feeling scared and threatened, this small, easy-to-use alarm will come in handy. All they have to do is pull the top part of the device and a loud siren sound will go off as well as a flashing strobe light. It’ll perfectly fit in their purse or pocket, or they can attach it to their keys via the keychain it comes with.

Instead of dropping $10 a day on their matcha drink, they can just make one at home with this DIY matcha kit. You’ll be saving them tonssss of money with this one.

Don’t just get them any plant, get them one with meaning! A money plant symbolizes good luck and fortune, which is said to bring the best vibes to a home. I don’t know about you, but I know any of my loved ones would want a lucky plant in their house!

Their favorite childhood game, but ~ an adult~ version. They'll be pulling this out for every gathering and party!

Bet they don’t have a crossbody for their emotional support water bottle! Bonus: It even has pockets for their phone, keys, and credit cards.

Upgrade their skin routine with a humidifier! This one is portable and compact so that they can have it with them in the car, at work, or when they travel. It’ll soothe dry skin and cracked lips, and it’ll help clear sinuses when they’re sick or allergy-ridden.

With a mini Bluetooth photo printer, they can print any photo from their phone/tablet or social media accounts wherever they are. No toners or ink cartridges are required!

A crêpe maker means that they can eat crêpes any time they freaking want—at any hour of any day. Think of someone who doesn't want that... Yeah, I'm waiting.

This viral, luxury body wash filled with vitamins and plant oils is definitely on their wish list.

Goodbye to frantic, last-minute trips to the drugstore for a greeting card! This box is filled with floral, blank cards they can use for any occasion.

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