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21 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Jun 28, 2023Jun 28, 2023

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These items will make your caffeine-craver’s day.

Coffee lovers know that their morning cup (or afternoon cup...or evening cup) is serious business. For many, it represents a sacred daily ritual that wakes them up, gets them going, and keeps them energized no matter what the day ahead might bring.

If you're not a java aficionado and are more of a tea drinker, you might think it's a matter of brewing a pot and pouring a cup. And while plenty of people love a no-fuss, no-frills classic cup of joe, there are actually around two dozen methods of brewing coffee, from a French press to a pour-over and beyond.

So if you're looking to score the perfect gift for someone special in your life who's gotta have their java, there are a ton of great options at every price point even if you're not totally sure which type they prefer. They'll be so appreciative and it might even inspire them to try a different brew method or to experiment with new tools and techniques, upping the ante on what's likely one of the best parts of their day.

Whether it's a shiny new coffee maker (including one of Oprah's picks that is well worth the splurge if you're looking to get spendy) or some must-have accessories to elevate their caffeine routine, any of these gifts will make them smile and inspire them to get crafty with their cup. And after all, isn't the best kind of gift one that can be used every single day?

Java devotees know that grinding whole beans creates the freshest cup, so treat that special someone to a compact burr grinder. It has a whopping 40 grind settings, making it compatible with just about every type of coffee and machine out there, including espresso, AeroPress, Chemex, French press, automatic brewers, and more. Snag it in either white or black.

A fan favorite from this Oprah-approved brand, your close pal, coworker, or any coffee lover in your life will appreciate this take-anywhere, microwave-safe mug that comes in a bevy of beautiful hues. As Oprah put it: "After falling in love with Corkcicle’s stemless wineglass, I wondered what they’d think of next. The answer? A stainless steel, no-slip, triple-insulated mug that keeps your latte or lemon tea toasty for up to three hours, of course!"

If your java lover is also a jetsetter, they'll love this compact, single-serve coffee maker that ensures they'll never have to rely on icky hotel room coffee machines again to score a fresh, tasty pick-me-up. It comes with everything they'd need to brew hot or cold brew coffee or one to three shots of espresso in two minutes or less, with easy cleanup and no residue left behind for a clean, smooth cup of coffee instantly. Just add hot water and count down the seconds to caffeinated bliss.

These beautiful egg-shaped spoons make scoring perfect coffee scoops an absolute breeze, and they're so pretty, your recipient will use them for every culinary adventure ahead. Pick from rose gold, stainless steel silver, and classic gold.

If they're already certified members of the coffee club, they'll love this subscription service, which offers you the chance to customize your gift to suit your recipient's preferences, whether they brew ground, whole bean, or single serve pods. Choose from a slew of delicious roasts, with an added bonus if they're a dog lover, too. The company donates 20 percent of proceeds toward rescue initiatives, which means giving back has never tasted so good.

Stale coffee is a no-no, so keeping grounds or beans fresh is of utmost importance. That's why they'll adore this airtight container, which includes a vacuum seal to ensure their coffee stays fresher for far longer. It's also stylish enough that they'll love keeping it on their countertop or as part of their home coffee bar setup.

If you're shopping for someone who holds steadfast in their year-round love of cold brew, this trusty pitcher will allow them to make it at home without fuss, so they'll save time and money by skipping that daily coffee run. This sleek yet simple container includes an airtight lid and a nonslip silicone handle for comfy handling, holding either one quart or two quarts of chilled deliciousness. Bonus: It even withstands hot temps in case they want to switch it up sometimes.

You can't make pour-over coffee without the perfect kettle, and this one earns high praise among caffeine enthusiasts for its simple design, stylish look, and ability to customize your cup down to a single degree. Available in a slew of gorgeous hues and finishes (from matte black to classic copper), the gooseneck offers a spill- and splash-free pour, and it will even regulate and hold to the designated temperature preference for up to 60 minutes.

If you're not exactly sure which flavor preference suits their palate, you can't go wrong with this gift box, which includes eight packs of artisan coffee flavors and eight chocolate bars designed to complement each other for an afternoon or evening snack they'll love. Choose between whole bean or freshly ground coffee, and treat them to the sweetest snack combo on the block.

If they're truly passionate about pour-over, they definitely need one of these stunning ceramic origami drippers, which come in a wide variety of cool colors and are made of the same high-density, heat-retaining Japanese clay that has been used in Mino ware pottery for more than 400 years. These durable drippers, handcrafted by skilled Japanese artisans, are designed for use with most stands and a variety of filters, allowing for the perfect pour-over every single time.

Allow them to swap out their chipped, stained coffee cup in favor of something a bit more modern. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which keeps beverages at their desired temperatures longer, the double-wall construction ensures that hot coffee stays toasty and cold coffee stays chilled. They're also dishwasher-, microwave-, oven-, and freezer-safe, making them durable, sturdy, and reliable for everyday use.

If you're looking to splurge on a coffee connoisseur near and dear to your heart—say, a partner, spouse, or parent—look no further than this high-tech (yet easy to master) all-in-one system that will have them whipping up barista-level beverages at home in no time. Take it from Oprah herself, who included it as part of her 2022 Favorite Things. “Latte? Cappuccino? Macchiato? Whatever strikes your fancy, this machine is like having your own personal barista at home with you," she said. "The best part? All you have to do is roll out of bed and touch the button with the drink you want.”

If your coffee fan is always stuck with a lukewarm, hours-old cup, they'll cherish this this smart heated 14-ounce mug, which connects via app and keeps drinks set to a preferred temperature (between 120°F and 145°F) for up to 80 minutes on a full charge or all day on its included charging coaster. Included is a saucer that doubles as a charging dock and can be programmed to maintain said preferred drink temperature, making it a thoughtful gift they'll wonder how they lived so long without.

If they don't have the kitchen space for a big, bulky machine, they can still whip up foamy, frothy lattes in minutes thanks to this handheld frother that is easy to use and even easier to clean.

Pour-over provides an unparalleled sipping experience for coffee aficionados and casual java drinkers alike, so there's no better way to step up their bev game than with this expertly engineered tabletop brewer. Designed by a chemist (yes, really!), it comes in either three-cup, six-cup, or eight-cup size, producing smooth coffee with zero hint of bitterness, and it can be also used for iced coffee, tea, or other infused beverages.

This curated gift set includes everything they'll need for the perfect cup, including a stovetop moka pot, four gorgeous stoneware espresso cups, a rose gold tea tablespoon, an organic cotton kitchen towel to clean up any messes with ease, rose pistachio cardamom shortbread cookies to nosh on, rose sugar cubes for added sweetness, and your choice of either black tea or Intelligentsia coffee.

Few things are as exciting as opening up that signature blue box, and your giftee will swoon over this stunning set of 20 ounce bone china mugs featuring the brand's iconic logo front and center.

For the friend who can't stop raving about the coffee they had in Cuba or in Europe, this moka pot is sure to be their most prized possession. A moka pot crafts a delectable cup using heat from the stove to pass boiling water through ground coffee. The end result is a smooth, rich espresso-like taste they'll truly savor. Its simple, sleek design will look right at home in their kitchen, and they'll reach for it every time they want something a bit more sophisticated than their daily cup of filtered joe.

Surprise your loved one who's miles away with this sweet box of goodies. With cappuccino cordials, hazelnut pocket latte, Colombian coffee beans, and an Insta-worthy coffee mug, you can let them know that you love them a latte, even if you're not able to connect and share a cup in person.

Enjoy a full carafe of coffee in six minutes with this sophisticated brewer that produces an endlessly smooth cup, thanks to its flat-bottomed basket for grounds and shower-style spout, ensuring consistent water distribution and extraction every single time. There's a reason baristas and Amazon reviewers alike love this machine, and your favorite caffeine lover will, too.

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