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14 Best Clear Eyebrow Gels of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

May 28, 2023May 28, 2023

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Right this way, brow minimalists.

If you haven't already heard the news, fluffy brows are having ~a moment.~ And while you can use eyebrow-growth serums and eyebrow pencils to work towards that full and feathery lewk, you maaay be able to achieve the look of brushed, slicked-up brows with nothing more than a clear eyebrow gel. Great for smoothing, shaping, or lifting brow hairs, the best clear brow gels can help you hop on the soap brow trend with ease. No, clear eyebrow gels won't magically make your brow hairs thicker, but they can help your arches look a whole lot fluffier—and they cost WAY less $$$ than eyebrow laminating.

Here's the deal: Pigmented brow gels help thicken and lend fullness to your brows, while clear brow gels work to shape and set arches with a natural or polished finish. You can also use clear gel to seal your brows after filling 'em in with other products. Ofc, unless you *like* having stiff, shellacked brows that flake before lunchtime, you'll wanna choose the right formula. To help you out, I tested some of the best clear eyebrow gels on the market rn (which were selected with the help of brow expert Michele Holmes and makeup artist Renée Loiz).

Scroll on for the full list of clear brow gels worth your coin, along with expert information on how clear eyebrow gels work and how to choose the best one for your brows.

Ofc you can't have a brow gel roundup without including this fan-fave formula from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Reviewers <3 how the gel fluffs up your brows with just one swipe (thanks to its oversized wand), and tons of testers said it left their brows polished for the entire day without any stiffness. Plus, the formula includes soothing chamomile to help condition your brow hair with each wear.

THE REVIEW: According to one reviewer, "This is my favorite clear brow gel. I don’t need any color, just some structure and hold. This gel goes on easily and provides a nice fullness and good hold without any flakiness throughout the day. One tube lasts a good amount of time as well. I’ve been using this for years and still love it!"

If you're looking for a clean formula that'll fluff, lift, and set your brows all day long, I swear by this lifting gel treatment from Kosas. The brow gel contains panthenol and hyaluronic acid to help condition your arches, as well as a tripeptide that supports healthier, fuller brow hair. The result: more voluminous brows with *just* the right amount of sheen. And isn't the packaging just so chic??

THE REVIEW: "I’ve repurchased this product at least 10+ times and it never lets me down," one tester writes. "It holds my brows all day long and has great ingredients to help your brows at the same time. Anytime I try a new brow gel, I go right back to this one. It’s to the point I don’t even bother buying any other gel, because of how amazing the Kosas gel is."

Want a long-lasting brow gel that won't cost ya more than $10? Pls turn your attention to this budget-friendly formula from NYX. Flake-resistant and lightweight, the TikTok-famous glue includes a small spoolie that lets you brush through your brow hairs with precision, and reviewers note that it'll keep your brows styled without any stiffness. "At $9, it holds very well and can even achieve the laminated look for sky-high brows that stay in place," says Holmes.

THE REVIEW: "This product is my absolute favorite brow product. I love it! Definitely recommend!" one tester writes. "It’s affordable and easy to use. Keeps my brows in place and adds some definition. My go-to brow product at the moment."

There's a reason why Glossier Boy Brow has earned a cult following: Inspired by mustache pomade (yes, really), it visibly thickens your brows upon application. I love this creamy, brushable wax formula for its amazing shaping and hold—and you'll love how it includes oleic acid and soluble collagen for conditioning your hair fibers.

THE REVIEW: "I am shocked that I like this as much as I do," writes one tester. "It holds your brows in place while making them look full and fluffy! I would definitely recommend."

I can personally attest that sweat and humidity are no match for this long-lasting gel. MAC Brow Set helps give your brows a laminated look by adding shape and shine—and it really does last all damn day without flaking or stiffening. As a bonus, you can even use this versatile formula to groom lashes, sideburns, and facial hair.

THE REVIEW: "I love this brow gel!" one review reads. "I work in a hot kitchen, and my brows stay in place and look exactly the same after a 10-hour day."

If makeup artist Renée Loiz is looking to give her clients laminated, brushed-up brows, then she reaches for this flexible brow pomade. Featuring a soft sheen and moldable application, this bb stands out for its comb-like brush, which evenly coats your brows with two rows of bristles and gives 'em natural-looking definition. And as Loiz points out, "The staying power is unreal!"

THE REVIEW: "I absolutely adore this brow pomade," one tester writes. "I ended up buying a second one to use when this one runs out. The formula is very smooth and creamy, and helps to make an effortless, fluffy brow look. I'm really thrilled to have found a brow pomade that I feel enhances without making my brows look artificial."

Going for that brushed-up laminated effect? This brow lamination gel can help ya get there. Like several of our fave brow gels, this pick boasts a dual-sided brush for evenly coating and defining brows, and because it's spiked with panthenol and hemp seed oil, it acts as a hair mask for your eyebrows, so no need to worry about any gross residue or flaking.

THE REVIEW: As one customer writes, "I am OBSESSED with the KUSH Brow Lamination Gel by Milk Makeup. I have naturally thick eyebrows, and this gel enhances them in such a natural way. They stayed lifted and defined during my entire busy day. Also, the gel is flake-free, which is so important!"

Want to give your brows a natural yet defined look? Try this soft-hold formula from Hourglass, which dries invisible and feels weightless while still providing all-day hold. The best part of the gel: its specialty brush, which features short bristles on one side and long ones on the other so you can better control the application on different areas of your brow.

THE REVIEW: "Love this brow gel!!" writes one tester. "It’s so lightweight, but I feel like it still gives my brows a good hold throughout the day. Other gels I’ve tried feel way too heavy and wet and then crusty after drying. I was looking for my perfect brow gel and then this came along!!"

Think no brow gel can handle your super-thick arches? Think again, bb. Whether you're looking to achieve a natural feathered finish or a sleek laminated look, this super-strong, wax-like holding gel will help you style your brows with ease, thanks to the custom-designed application wand and buildable formulation. And DW—even though it provides A+ holding power, you can still expect a transparent, flake-free finish.

THE REVIEW: According to one buyer, "I've never found a brow gel that can hold down my thick, coarse hairs all day long—until I found this product. I am officially obsessed!"

If you have thinner arches, you may want to opt with a formula that supports stronger brow hair. Enter: this lightweight formula from ILIA. Made with hydrolyzed quinoa (to help strengthen brow hairs) and hydrating glycerin (to keep your hair from drying out), this gel leaves your brows a bit softer and stronger, while creating the illusion of fuller, more voluminous brows. "At $24, it's worth a try if you like a clean product with clinical test results to back up performance claims," brow expert Michele Holmes says.

THE REVIEW: "This eyebrow gel by ILIA is one of my new faves," one review reads. "It has a small wand that styles my brows with precision. The gel is easy to work with and starts to dry after a couple of minutes to keep them in place exactly how I want them. There is no flaking either once it dries, which I love!"

Calling all makeup minimalists: This one's for you. Complete with an oversized, dual-length spoolie, this medium-hold gel is a great choice for anyone looking to achieve a natural, brushed-up look—and reviewers swear that it feels practically weightless on your brow hairs. Oh, and JSYK, this brow gel comes from Euphoria makeup artist Donni Davy, so you *know* it's gotta be good.

THE REVIEW: "This product is the best brow gel I've ever used!" one reviewer writes. "My brows look magnificently full and brushed up and they stay put! I will be buying this again and again and again! I am in love with it!!"

Anyone looking to keep brows in place while giving 'em a little TLC should check out Live Tinted Huebrow. Packed with a nourishing blend of panthenol, aloe extract, and olive and jojoba oils, this setting gel helps condition your brows as you wear it, and testers note that the lightweight formula is totally crunch-free. Best of all, the dual-sided brush features stiff bristles on one side and flexible ones on the other for dynamic application.

THE REVIEW: As one tester writes, "I don't like to color my brows in since they're thick enough, but [I] wanted to be able to shape them better, and this gel worked perfectly. It's not that thick, so I don't even notice I have it on. A little goes a long way. Not sticky, dries quick, and doesn't cause my brows to feel rock solid. Will definitely use this in my daily routine now."

For a light- to medium-hold gel that'll give ya natural-looking brows, you've gotta try this shaping gel from Ami Colé. Featuring a double-sided spoolie with shorter bristles on one side and longer bristles on the other, this flexible eyebrow gel can help give your arches shape without any stiffness—though if you have thicker, coarser brows, then you may need something with a lil more holding power.

THE REVIEW: "Obsessed with this brow gel!" writes one reviewer. "Ami Colé has created a light but firm gel that keeps your brows looking groomed all day. Not too stiff or thick. Just the right texture."

Want a brow gel that does double duty? Created by L.A.-based brow expert Kristie Streicher, this nutrient-dense gel adds separation and texture to brows with very little product. Plus, the formula is spiked with growth-supporting ingredients (including biotin and panthenol) and UV filters, so while it won't magically make you grow more brow hair, it can boost your brow health and encourage better eyebrow growth.

THE REVIEWS: "KS&Co Clear Strong-Hold Brow Gel is a staple in my kit," Loiz says. "I use on every client to give them perfect naturally groomed brows."

Holmes agrees, adding, "I love this gel because it holds well without flakiness and stands up to its strong hold name where others fall short. This gel also supports healthy brow hair with antioxidants and ingredients like argon oil, red clover extract, and lutein."

"A clear brow gel can help lift, shape, and groom your eyebrows into a desired shape,” says brow expert Michele Holmes. "Much like how we finish our hair with hairspray or styling products, clear brow gel is a nice way to finish and set eyebrows in an invisible way." Whether you're looking to bring the drama or simply sweep unruly brows into place, a clear brow gel is a great product for anyone who appreciates a natural but well-groomed brow.

And while clear gels can be used alone to smooth your brows and lock 'em into place without color deposits, they can also be used to "set your brows after filling them in with pencil or powder," as makeup artist Renée Loiz points out. Clear brow gel should be applied after you fill your brows with other products (if you use them, that is), meaning that eyebrow gel is typically the last step when doing your brows.

If you're not sure how to apply clear brow gel, the best thing to do is to swipe the applicator along your brows in the direction of growth to set brows in place. You can also opt to create a feathery, full appearance by setting your brows upward, which will give you the popular laminated look. Keep in mind, too, that a little bit of product goes a long way, so you'll wanna remove any excess gel from your brush before applying.

For those with patchy or uneven eyebrow hair, Holmes suggests filling in your brows with pencils or powders first. Then, use the clear gel's wand to brush with upward strokes and style your brows into your desired shape. "Use the tip of the wand to set any stray hairs into place or cover gaps in the brows," she says. "Allow the gel to fully dry before touching your face or brows."

While many brow gels contain safe synthetic setting ingredients, such as PVP or VP/VA copolymers, some will also include conditioning ingredients to ensure the gel doesn't do your brows damage. Look for formulas with some type of conditioner (such as panthenol, glycerin, or castor oil) to avoid flakes and to keep brows soft.

When buying a clear brow gel, you'll want to take your hair texture into consideration. Those with fine hair can get away with a light-hold or soft-hold formula (such as Ami Colé Ultra-Flex Brow Shaping Gel), while those with thick or coarse hair will likely have better luck with gels labeled strong-hold (like NYX The Brow Glue).

Most brow gels will claim to hold for six to eight hours, but some will keep holding strong for 12 hours or more. If it's important that your brows keep their shape from the morning through the night, then opt for a long-wearing gel formula, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel.

Corinne Sullivan is an editor at Cosmopolitan and has five years of experience writing about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle news, including the best drugstore sunscreen and the best acne body washes. Her clear eyebrow gel picks were based off of expert interviews, reviews, and product testing.

Corinne Sullivan is an Editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covers a variety of beats, including lifestyle, entertainment, relationships, shopping, and more. She can tell you everything you need to know about the love lives of A-listers, the coziest bedsheets, and the sex toys actually worth your $$$. She is also the author of the 2018 novel Indecent. Follow her on Instagram for cute pics of her pup and bébé.

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achieve the look of brushed, slicked-up brows with nothing more than a clear eyebrow gelclear brow gels work to shape and set archesfluffs up your brows with just one swipe Size: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:clean formula that'll fluff, lift, and set your brows all day longSize: Wear-time claim: Finish: THE REVIEW:small spoolie that lets you brush through your brow hairs with precisionSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:visibly thickens your brows upon applicationSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:give your brows a laminated look by adding shape and shineSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:evenly coats your brows with two rows of bristlesSize: Wear-time claim: Finish: THE REVIEW:acts as a hair mask for your eyebrowsSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:dries invisible and feels weightless while still providing all-day holdSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:help you style your brows with easeSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:creating the illusionof fuller, more voluminous browsSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:feels practically weightless on your brow hairsSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:helps condition your brows as you wear itSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW: give your arches shape without any stiffnessSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEW:spiked with growth-supporting ingredientsSize: Wear-time claim:Finish: THE REVIEWS:clear brow gel is a nice way to finish and set eyebrowsClear brow gel should be applied after you fill your browsswipe the applicator along your brows in the direction of growthuse the clear gel's wand to brush with upward strokes Look at the ingredients ensure the gel doesn't do your brows damage Consider the holding power take your hair texture into consideration Check out the wear-time claimMichele HolmesRenée LoizCorinne Sullivan Corinne Sullivan Corinne Sullivan